Sunday, 6 April 2008

~*~ 14 ~*~ Stitch Me Up

Thank you to all that have took place in the last challenge & hope you enjoyed the Challenge.

Now for the Winner of the MIX & MATCH Challenge
Chosen by Emma(sassycrafts) & myself

Frances (fran made)
Can you please Email me your full Name & Address by Tuesday at the latest!
So that Emma can send the Goodies to you.

Now to get on with this week's Challenge.

Stitch Me Up

We would love to see your work involve Stitches!!! ,

Now This could be as simple as Hand stitching , Machine Stitching or even Faux stitching,

Whatever your stitching is try to make sure it is the main focus of the work to get the Stitching Point across.

Dont forget your work can be anything from a Card, Layout(scrapbook page) To an Atc, Altered Art Project , anything that takes your fancy , but do try to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone , as you may be surprised what you can come up with.

Here is the Design Teams work:




Please don't forget to check out the Design Teams blogs, for further details of how they did each piece of work.


Andrea, said...

Gorgeous DT cards, my ATC is on my blog.

My atc

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Oh WOWzer, what fabulous cards you lot have created!

I have made a door hanger for a new baby girl celebration. You can view it here

tiina38 said...

Hello everybody! I'm new here. I'm cardmaker from Finland.
My card it's here:

Mephisto said...

Nice Idea.


Here is my entry.

Sandra said...

Wow my first real stitching!
Here's my card

Joy said...

Here is my fatbook page for 'All Stitched up' great challenge and some fab entries

NattyK said...

Here is my entry.

Natalie x

Anonymous said...

Congrats Fran!! so well deserved :)

My card for this challenge is

Thanks for looking!!

Marlene x

Joy said...

Oops I forgot to add my link hope I did it right I'm new to this blogging lark ccaxjk

Nicola said...

Fab challenge once again !!

Here's mine ...
TFL xx

traciejane said...

fabulous cards - mines on my blog :-)x

Ria's Scrapkaarten said...

this is my first time that I join a scrap challenge ;)

Hugs Ria Here you can find my entry.

ScrapMetal said...

Love the DT cards again this week.

My card can be found here

Really enjoyed all the stitching.


Leonie said...

I love it when I see a stitched card. I don't like stitching a lot myself so I used stitched paper.

Here is my card!

~ Leonie ~

Little Old Me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gayle x said...

Lets try again :( Sorry managed to delete the last one...

This is my first challenge and I have really enjoyed doing it - thanks :)

Have hand stitched the 4th and Birthday and stitched around edges. Hope you like it... :)

Hopefully here is a link ;)

[URL=""]Here it is[/URL]

Samm said...

Great challenge! fab work!!!

Here's mine:

by Samm: Edwin Magnolia stamp - Sassfrass Lass - Stampin Up - Copics - Tilda & Co


orangedaisy said...

my card is on my blog
off now to look at yours

Frances said...

great cards by the DT.
Here's Mine

Deb said...

Fantastic challenge, here is mine

MichelleO said...

Love this "challenge" as I do it on nearly everything I make... he he. I stitch some with my machine, but most of the time I use my pens. Hope you like it!

Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles: Just Because It's Monday...

Debbie said...

Great challenge you can find mine on my blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration DT!

Jo said...

Here's mine!

debby4000 said...

Brilliant challenge great cards DT
here's mine

Diane.W. said...

Fab cards!
Mine is over on my blog:o)x

Looby said...

gorgeous DT cards!

Here is my entry.

Lou x

Scrapmumur said...

Hello, what fantastic challenge!!
My card it's here :

Kerryn said...

i just wanted to say how gorgeous the DT cards are!! I wish i could make cards that good.

LisaMattias said...

Here is my card:

Thank you for a nice challenge!

Hugs from Lisa in Sweden

Ying Pang, said...

here is my entry:


Gill said...

This is my entry using faux, faux stitching (I didn't really know waht to do lol!) thanks for another great challenge
lv Gill x

Wilma said...

Here is my entry.

Nice challenge.

tracey said...

another great challenge here is my card

Wenche said...

Great challenge! Lots of wonderful work here.

Here is my entry

Anonymous said...

Hi wonderful idea. I loved doing thsi.

Here is mine

Greetings Renate

nessy said...

hi to everyone -fab creations ~ loved this challenge
here is my card.
thanks for looking (hope thats worked)
vanessa xx

flati said...

Fab challenge once again !!
Nice Idea.

Here is my entry
flatis Basteleien

Caz said...

Here is my entry. Thanks again for another fab challenge.

Lainey said...

Great cards and ATC, and DT samples are just gorgeous.. you can see my entry on my blog :)

Lainey xxx

Thanks for looking :)

Jolanda said...

I love to stitch on my cards! So great challenge.
Here's my entry:

Tarasdesigns said...

great cards, here's my entry

Hulda said...

I just found this blog last week and had to give your challenges a try.qqacrd
Here is my entry.

Karen said...

I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge.

Here's Mine.


TCake said...

Fab challenge this week ladies and some wonderful 'stitches' is my tilda...
Stitches & Kisses.

thanks for looking

Bubbles said...

Great challenge, lovely examples. My card is on my blog

Täti Punainen said...

I´m new here. From the link you find my Stitched card!=)

Kraftin' Kimmie said...

Yay!! I got two done!!! Love stitching!!

Anne said...

Just made it this week - playing catch up! x

Suzanne said...

My card is on my blog not sure if it is too late but I enjoyed making it anyway!! Sue :o)

Casi said...

Ouf, time is almost over. Last but not least:

Here is my entry.

Again a wonderful challenge.

Anonymous said...

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