Sunday, 15 June 2008

~*~ 24 ~*~ Serendipity

Here we are again week 24! It has gone so fast!

This week there is another
Prize up for Grabs!

Again Donated by myself this stamp worth £6.25
and a range of stamps similar can be found at

Now for the challenge this week,


You may be thinking what is Serendipity?
Well it is a Fun Crafting Technique
that i thought would be fun for us to all do as a challenge,
Also it is a Great way to use up all your scraps of paper!
Now The is many Sites you can visit that will give you ideas as to what Serendipity is all about,
So below you will find lot's of links and on them links you will find Examples,
Step by Step guides as to how to make Serendipity.

and not forgetting our Lovely Design Teams work!
Most of them have never ever done Serendipity before so it was a real challenge for them all!

Once again Winner will be chosen on Saturday 21st by 9pm(UK) and Announced on Sunday!

Below is the Very Talented Design Teams work,









Also Please Note You work must have at least 1 Magnolia Stamp on if not more!,
Also Everybody is welcome to join in on Tilda & Co all Prizes will be shipped Worldwide,
So come on Give it ago!


Anutiina said...

Here is my entry.Greetings again from Finland, I like this site :)

Mephisto said...


My Doorhanger.


mueppi said...

Wieder ein tolles Thema!!
Hier ist meine " Serendipity "

Anonymous said...

thank you for this great challenge.
Here comes my entry:

tiina38 said...

My card it's in my blogger blog!

Thank's for looking!

Hugs, Tiina

southern fairy said...

well here's my serendipity attempt

Casi said...

Wow, what a great idea. I finally know what to do with all that small pieces of paper I´ve collected for years.
Here is my entry.
LG Kerstin

Samm said...

Oooo, this is a fab challenge!

Here's mine:

by Samm: Tilda & Co and CPS #69 - Tilda Magnolia stamp - Copics - Stampin Up


crafting diva said...

Hi I have done my card design it's on my blog it's quite simple but please feel free to take a look and thank you for another wonderful challenge.

Malie said...

Wow, not an easy challenge for this week. But I like the results that the DT came up with, so I gave it a try.

Here is my entry.

Stine said...

Exciting challenge, and great DT cards! Will take a look on the tutorial links and maybe give it a try!

Stine :)

Chris said...

This is my entry for your challenge

Rach said...

Another brilliant challenge...great designs yet again by the DT.
here is my attempt.
Thanks for looking
Hugs Rach.xx

jlyne said...

here is my entry

louise said...

I hope I got the technique right....

here it is!

Debbie said...

Thanks for the great challenge ladies. It's nice to learn something new. Fabulous cards from the DT as always! My card is here:

Thanks for looking

Debbie x

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Great challenge this week as usual!

Here is my entry.


Tanya said...

Brilliant challenge! Fab cards from the DT!!!

Here is my card.

MichelleO said...

Wonderful challenge.. just hope I did it right! =)
Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles: Enjoy Monday -

Cathy said...

What a great challenge - I loved this!
My card is here.
Hope you like it,
Cathy xx

Angeldrummer said...


What a fab challenge - I have not yet finished mine, but my son really wanted to have a go and he has done a good job I think as he is only just 2 years old. his entry can be found here.

Thank you to all of you who look, and I will try and get mine finshed now, not sure I can compete though!

Vicky x

LuLu said...

Loved this challenge - really creative - many thanks for pushing us to try this technique.

Here is my card.

Max said...

Think I chose the wrong week for my first Magnolia challenge LOL!
Here's my entry anyway ...

Becky said...

Great Challenge and DT work!
I really enjoyed the challenge this week!
My Tilda Card
Love Becky xx

Nikki said...

Oh I really enjoyed this, thanks for the challenge donna, I'm sure I will use this method again now.
Here is my card...

Taniaj said...

Here is my entry for this weeks challenge. I really enjoyed making the card. Thanks for a different technique
well done

Happily Ever After said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Happily Ever After said...

Here's my card.

kes said...

love this challenge very different. Here is my entry. .

Sharon said...

This is my first entry in this challenge. Hope you like it.

Here is my entry.


Shelly said...

Thanks for introducing this technique to me, I enjoyed the challenge. Love the inspiration from the DT. My card is on my blog...

done by den said...

Yet another great challenge, it certainly stretched the is mine:-

nessy said...

wow !what a challenge!! got the cogs working!!
heres my card.
thanks for looking! :~)
vanessa xx

COCO said...

hello everybody !!!!
thank for your visit in my blog !!!
this is my card :

BlondeWitchCreations-Carley said...

here is mine . my first one

Made On The Farm said...

My entry can be found on my blog - I ended up doing two, but only one that counts, because I forgot to use my tilda!!!


stampin dazed and confused said...

let me try that again, i messed up the address
i think its right this time
hugs candy

stampin dazed and confused said...

hi girls, i have been giving you the incorrect address for my blog i did make a card for the serendipity challenge it is at
sorry about the mixup, hope you get a chance to see it. hugs candy

Anonymous said...

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