Sunday 25 May 2008

~*~ 21 ~*~ That Torn it....

Hi everybody hope you enjoyed last weeks challenge!
and having a lovely Bank holiday weekend (uk)

Now i just like to say im sorry to everybody that liked having the sideshow down the side each week, Due to my workload i just don't have the time to do the sideshow, If anybody would like to take over that part for me? but putting peoples pictures into the sideshow? I can then upload it onto the blog, as that's the easy part! If so then please get in touch via Email.

without any more delays.................

Winner of the Bead Challenge last week is....................

Donalda Cox
Please can you Email me with your Choice of Magnolia Stamp you would like from My store, along with your address.

Now i do have to tell you that it was so hard to pick a winner of the Bead Challenge, Everybody done such stunning work!!!

Now on for this weeks challenge,
Your be pleased to know it is an easy Challenge this week to give people a little bit of a break as i know alot have been soaking up the sun over last couple weeks and haven't had chance to get things done.

Challenge 21...


Would love to see your Torn/Tare work,
This could be a simple little tare on a part of your work or the main focus,
Have fun and just go crazy! Tare your wonderful Papers get them used!

Once again your work must have at least 1 Magnolia Stamp on there somewhere, And your work can be anything you want, Altered Art, Card, Atc, Bookmark, Canvas's board.

Now you may notice below we are short of some Design Team members, This is because This weekend is when i am contacting People,
I am really sorry to everybody that has Emailed - left messages etc, But as i stated last week , I will be contacting people Myself who i would like to join our team,
This is no reflection on anybody's work but its alot easier then sifting through lot's of emails and lot's of blogs.

Now there is a couple of things i should mention, Emma has now left the Design Team as her work load is too much and she felt she had no choice but to leave us *sobs* she will be still taking part when she can though!
Also Sharon is busy with Family @ the moment so we shall see her back on here next week.

So here is the Design Teams work....
(along with 1 Guest Designer This week - Tracey)






Email Entrys.....

Emma managed to get a card made for this weeks entry
SandieHege-Annie Simonsen

Sunday 18 May 2008

~*~ 20~*~ Beads of Glory

See the Above Image( click on to make larger if needs be),
This week I am giving away to 1 lucky person, a Magnolia Stamp,
But not any old Magnolia Stamp, One you do not have!
You get to pick the one you would like from MY STORE for Free!!!!,
So get Looking through all the lovely magnolias i have in stock,
to see which you would like if you was that lucky person,
Winner will be announced Next Sunday,

You may notice Below that this week i have no joined in again,
This is do with why the blog was late last week,
I will be joining in on this weeks challenge for sure,

Also this week i will be on the look out for 2 New design Team members, or maybe even 3,
Now Nikki has left us now , Bit of short notice so we didn't get a chance to see her last piece of work for us.
But i know you all & myself wish her well with her new Design Team commitments, And we hope to see you on here joining in when you can nikki.

So this weeks is a little short of Design Teams work i'm afraid.

Now on for the challenge

Challenge 20


show some beads on your creation either beads on a ribbon or string or just a beaded embellishments

As suggested by Gill

Now here is the Design Teams work....







EmmaHow do you enter?? Easy, reply to THIS POST with a link to your thank you creation on your blog, website or gallery. (please include a link back here too, thanks!!) Don't have a blog....then just email it to me! A winner will be selected by myself on Saturday 24th May @ around 9pm, so make sure it's posted by then.

Monday 12 May 2008

~*~ 19~*~ Black & White.

*Challenge 19*

It's time for a bit of black and white theme, ideally no other colours to be used on you work.

(but if you are struggling with this then your magnolia image ( or 1 of if using more than 1 )
may have 1 more colour of your choice.

Once again work must include a magnolia stamp, and could be anything aslong as it is arty crafts.

Here is Work from Our Guest Designer This week - Em

Here is the Design Teams Entrys.....




Sunday 11 May 2008

Challenge 19 delay

Due to unforeseen circumstances This weeks challenge will be delayed until monday

sorry to everybody that was looking forward to the challenge today,

Watch out for the challenge On Monday.

Donna xxx

Sunday 4 May 2008

~*~ 18 ~*~ Decoupage Magnolia's

Thank you to everybody that took part in the last challenge, I haven't had a chance yet to look at all your work, I'm so sorry - But with the magnolias in stock now in my store, i haven't had a chance to sit down to myself for the last week,

which does mean i didn't even get a chance to play with my new magnolias and do this weeks challenge, But i will get it done over next couple days and added it to the list.

As for the Slidehsow as i been so busy and still am this week by looks things , I will be doing little bit of this tonight and you will have it up by Monday, So sorry for the delay once again.
But its only ickle me on my own that runs this blog , and i can only stretch myself so far lol

Now i have some sad News, Kristine will be leaving us as of this week, she's been poached by a Stamp Company and is being asked to be on there Design Team & nobody else's, Which is Great for kristine and so sad for us, I'm sure I'm not alone here when i say, We will mess having you on here.
and good luck with the New Design Team that you going to be in.

And also as you can all see by the voting box/Poll to your right ,
Kristine was picked as the winner for the little prize So kristine the goodies will be winging there way to you, you could call it a leaving pressie from us lol

Now this does mean we have 1 place free, now last week i was looking through all your blogs, i will be contacting people personally this time and inviting them to join. so watch out it could be you!!!

Now for this weeks challenge......

Decoupage Tilda & Co

Now for this week..... I would love to see you decoupage with your magnolia stamps.

This could be as simple as having a Tilda or Edwin, that is holding something, you then stamp that image out twice, cut out the item he/she is holding and then layer it up with foam pads or silicone glue, to give a 3d effect

Or you could go totally wild and build up lot’s of layers.

Please remember your work could be a card, Layout(scrapbook page) Atc, Altered Item, anything you like! alsong as your work has Magnolia Stamp on there somewhere.

Below is the Design Teams Work......

(you will have to excuse emmas her Tilda was 3d but the glue dried all flat etc, and she didn't have time to correct this as it was a card for a Family member who's in hospital @ moment - Hope you don't mind me explaining/sharing Emma but it is such a lovely card i thought it needed showing off still)






Saturday 3 May 2008

~*~ 17 ~*~ Eye EYE It's a Natural Feeling...

Hi everybody I would like to thank you all once again for taking part in last weeks challenge, wasn't there some fabulous work done? Just goes to prove girls can be blue!!!

Now for the Winner(s) of the Challenge Ideas.....

First off i will not be telling you all what challenge i have chosen from the winner, as it will be a surprise for next week and weeks after, just like it is every weekend for you ( well it should be if it's not then i shall have to tickle some people!)

The peoples Ideas i have chosen to use are..................

GILL - Dollie dew drop

Please can you 2 email me your address as soon as possible, and then i can get your goodies in the post for you.

Now onto the Design Team's Chance to win a selection of goodies.....

Now you will see on the right hand side a poll,
Please can everybody take 2 seconds to vote for your favourite Design Team members work,
Remember to look at the overall work, how well did they do on the challenge etc

Now for this weeks challenge.......


For this week's challenge it's abit of a double up,
I Would like to see you use Eyelets if possible ( if you do not own them, then you can leave that part out or use brads)
Along with anything Natural, Could be fibres, Leaves, Straw, Twigs, Papers etc as long as it is Natural with Eyelets ( if you have them )

Just check out the wonderful work below from myself & everybody for some inspiration.





Don't forget to check out all the Design Teams Blogs for a more Detailed look @ the work & maybe a even " how to make" .

Please can people take a look over @ the rules once again on the right hand side regarding placing links/works etc on this site.
You work MUST have a Magnolia stamp on there somewhere, any work that does not have 1 on there will result in the link/work being removed etc.
This is a blog for Magnolia Stamped Fans to show off there work.
Thanks Donna xxx


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